Cost-effective Commissioning For Continence Care

Cost-effective Commissioning For Continence Care is a guide written by continence professionals for the All Party Parliamentary Group For Continence Care.  It outlines the essential elements needed during each phase of the commissioning cycle.

Continence care pathways are only effectively delivered through an integrated continence service that is clinically-driven, patient-sensitive and treatment-focused.  They offer cost savings by reducing:

  • unnecessary catheterisations and associated urinary tract infections (UTI)
  • pressure ulcers linked to poor continence care
  • acute hospitalisations for UTI, urinary retention, renal failure and faecal impaction
  • care home admissions precipitated by incontinence
  • the use of incontinence products through low-cost interventions such as bladder retraining, pelvic floor muscle
  • training and the appropriate use of medications for incontinence