Read these first

  • Good Governance for Clinical Commissioning Groups: An introductory guide  [pdf] (Kings Fund, December 2011)
    This guide is intended to help the newly formed CCGs understand the principles and function of good governance, particularly as these relate to their new statutory role, accountable to parliament combined with their role as a membership organisation, accountable to and for their practices.
  • Developing clinical commissioning groups: Towards authorisation (DH, 30 Sept 2011)
    The current thinking to help emerging CCGs consider the steps towards authorisation. It describes the processes that may need to be in place to ensure that CCGs are highly effective, with the leadership and confidence to discharge their healthcare and financial responsibilities.
  • Diagnostic tool for emerging clinical commissioning groups (NHS CB, August 2011)
    A new developmental, self-assessment tool developed by the NHS to enable emerging clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to understand and reflect upon their values, culture, behaviours and wider organisational health.
  • Clinical Commissioning (The Intelligent Board, Dr Foster Intelligence, 2011)
    An overview of the importance of data to the commissioning process, including hints and tips around outcomes and transparency, managing the workload, key data sources and a simple outline of key commissioning processes.
  • CQC registration: what you need to know  – From July 2012, most primary medical services providers will be invited to apply for registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and all providers will need to be registered by April 2013. Advice from the BMA
  • The functions of a GP commissioning consortia: a working document – the proposed statutory functions of GP consortia. (DH, March 2011)
  • Liberating the NHS: Legislative framework and next steps, (Cm 7993, Dec  2010)
    Section 4 outlines the arrangements for commissioning of services and responsibilities of GP Consortia
  • GP Commissioning Consortia – Building a better health system for patients (Tribal, September 2010) – how GP consortia can meet  expectations and how the process of transferring responsibility from the PCTs can be managed.
  • Essential Guide to GP Commissioning – An introduction for professionals and managers in primary care who want to gain an understanding of the new world of ‘Liberating the NHS’ and as a practical guide for those who wish to be involved in the development of the exciting opportunities presented by the changes. National Association of Primary Care.
  • Functions of Primary Care Trusts (NHS Confederation, September 2010) – product of a joint workshop held by the NHS Confederation’s PCT Network and the Department of Health to identify and categorise the functions currently performed by primary care trusts

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