For further information and to find your local knowledge specialists, please contact your regional lead:

HE North East

Edward Young or 01912 754 652

HE North West

David Stewart, Director of Health Libraries or 01942 482 582

HE Yorkshire and Humber

Kim Wilshaw, Knowledge Services Manager or 0113 394 2985

HE East Midlands

Richard Marriott, Contracts & Quality Manager or 0115 968 4679

HE East of England

Lyn Edmonds, Acting Library Lead or 01480 364 145

HE West Midlands

Clare Edwards, Strategic LKS Manager or 0121 695 2255

HE North Central and East London, HE North West London and HE South London

Richard Osborn, Strategic Library Services Development Manager or 020 7863 1682

HE Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Louise Goswami, Head of LKS Development or 01892 704 241

HE Thames Valley and HE Wessex

Helen Bingham, Library & E-Learning Resources Manager or 01962 718 561

HE South West

Tricia Ellis, Head of Knowledge Management & E-Learning or 0770 803 7169


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