Added value

Although numerical data answers ‘how many?’  and ‘how often?’,  it can’t help with ‘why?’  ‘how do we change it?’ or ‘what are others doing?’ 
Our knowledge specialists can deliver
examples of innovative service models to inform your decisions and help you develop robust courses of action.

Our information brings added value to the commissioning process.  We provide the context. We don’t compete with other commissioning support agencies but our information can help you contextualise their analyses.    We trace and use clinical research, policy discussions, social research, good practice, service models, guidelines to provide the answers.

We can provide the knowledge needed for

service redesigns

impact analyses

needs assessments


Commissioning decisions will be informed by the best clinical practice nationally and internationally.
Because our expertise is in searching for information, we can find data outside the normal streams.  To find out more, look at our Portfolio.


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