#NHSAlliance2012: Michael Dixon and Barbara Hakin

After a courteous and appropriately geological welcome from Dorset CCG, and under the chairmanship of Chris Ham, the first plenary at the NHS Alliance's 2012 conference saw Dr Michael Dixon, Chair of the Alliance, deliver an exciting and challenging statement of where we are now and where we need to be. We have won a fifteen-year campaign for clinical commissioning, which will happen from April 2013, he said, but the forces of reaction and centralism will not give up power without a fight. What we need now is less a National Health Service, more a National Health System or a National Health Partnership.

Dame Barbara Hakin of the NHS Commissioning Board gave a tour d'horizon of the present situation. CCGs were reporting back that authorisation has been a helpful exercise. We are now ninety working days away from the new system

For detailed accounts, we and others are tweeting at the hashtag #NHSAlliance2012. Follow it for minute by minute updates.



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